Step Two – Do this OnceSetup FMG Suite or MyCMO

It takes some time to set up your system so that you can automate your tasks. Once complete you’ll perform the rest of the steps quarterly.

Create Your Profile

This involves creating your contact information, adding your portrait image, logo and disclosures. In addition you’ll link to your social media accounts.

Connect Your Social Media Sites

You’ll go through a series of steps to connect your LinkedIn and Facebook pages to the system. This will allow you to schedule and send posts through your various social media channels.

Custom Domain for Email Delivery

One of the best ways to increase open and inboxing rates on your emails is to make sure your emails are coming directly from you.

By default, when you send emails through your admin, those emails are sent “via” FMG Suite and may be flagged as Spam or Promotional messages by some email providers.

With some simple DNS updates, you can send emails through FMG Suite from your own email address!

First, we need to confirm that you have access to the email address you’d like to verify. We’ll do that by sending you an email and asking you to confirm access from there.

Next, we’ll show you the records that will need to be added with your DNS provider.
Finally, you will confirm those records are in place and – voila! – you can expect all of your emails to be sent from your email address!

To get started, navigate to the menu on the top right-hand corner of your admin, and click “Settings”

Import your email contact list

Carefully choose the people you want to send your newsletter to. They should be clients who have given their permission to you to be contacted. Compile this list into a spreadsheet and save it to your computer.

If some of your column names don’t match up to what FMG/MyCMO expect, you’ll have the chance to map your column names to the FMG/MyCMO names. After mapping any names click Next.

After successful import you’ll see your list of contacts. If some information such as address isn’t included in your spreadsheet it simply won’t be present in your account. All you really need is First Name, Last Name, and Email.

Monitor your social media connections

Your social media connections may expire after 60-90 days. This is a security setting on LinkedIn and Facebook’s system and MyCMO/FMG Suite has no control over this.

Tip: If you are subscribed to the Daily Digest you will receive an email notification if a social media connection becomes disconnected.
If your social media connection has expired, you will see an “expired access token” on your “Connect Social Sites” page.

To reauthorize the expired account do the following:

  1. Remove the expired access token. Click “Remove” under the “Actions” column to the right.
  2. Click “Add LinkedIn Profile” and enter your credentials to grant access.
  3. Once you see “Granted” under the “Permissions” column, this integration is ready to be approved by compliance.

Review or change upcoming social media posts

Go to the top right menu item with your name and choose Content.

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