Step One – Do this Once Sign up for a Social Media and Email Management System

You’ll have to have a system for managing your content, compliance, scheduling and archiving. Luckily there’s a great system available for financial advisors: FMG Suite. If you use a broker dealer they might have their own system such as MyCMO.

Step 1: Setup your profile

Your profile setup information will be used within your campaigns in some spots so it’s important to go ahead and complete all profile form fields now.

  • Contact Information – fill in all fields that apply to your business.
  • Portrait Image (no specific size requirements listed)
  • Logo – vector file or transparent .png (no specific size requirements listed). If logo is on a white background you’ll need to use a white header background for email headers.
  • Disclosures – You can use a single disclosure or have a special one for email campaigns.
  • Social Media – Add each social media channel you want to use.

Step 2: Setup custom email address for email campaigns

It’s important that your email recipients see your company email address in their inbox rather than a generic fmgsuites email address used for sending email campaigns. This step can take some time and be a bit complicated but it’s important.

To get to the setup area click on your user name in the top right corner and choose “Settings” from the dropdown menu. Once you get to the page use the link in the banner titled “Lear how to use this page.”

Step 3: Connect your social sites

This is the ste where you’ll connect FMG Suite to your social media accounts so that FMG Suites can automatically make posts. You’re in control of the posts and timing of posts but FMG Suites has to be connected to your social media accounts for the automation to work.

Simply click the links below each social media service to add it to your account.

Note that LinkedIn will only send social media posts to your personal account. They currently do not integrate with LinkedIn Company Pages. After posting to LinkedIn double check to make sure the post is viewable on your personal LinkedIn account.

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