The Financial AdvisorsDo it Yourself Guide to Social Media and Email Marketing

All financial advisors who want to add new clients should be using email and social media marketing to create referrals.

If you want to manage social media and email marketing within your business, this guide is to help you set up a system and succeed. If you need help just reach out.

Step One – Do this Once

Sign up for a Social Media and Email Management System

You’ll have to have a system for managing your content, compliance, scheduling and archiving. Luckily there’s a great system available for financial advisors: FMG Suite. If you use a broker dealer they might have their own system such as MyCMO.

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Step Two – Do this Once

Setup FMG Suite or MyCMO

It takes some time to set up your system so that you can automate your tasks. Once complete you’ll perform the rest of the steps quarterly.

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Step Three – Do this Once

Setup Facebook

Facebook requires every business page to be linked to a personal Facebook profile. All of the information you post to your business page and personal page are completely separate. Find out what it takes to setup your Facebook Business page.

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Step Four – Do this Once

Setup LinkedIn

Unlike some online platforms, LinkedIn requires you to demonstrate that your business is legitimate and that you are employed by it. Find out what it takes to setup your LinkedIn Company page

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Step Five – Do this Quarterly

Choose Content

Content coming soon.

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Step Six – Do this Quarterly

Compliance Check

Content coming soon.

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Step Seven – Do this Quarterly

Schedule Distribution

Content coming soon.

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Step Eight – Do this Quarterly

Check Archives

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