soschl | Social Media and Email Marketing for Financial Advisors

Websites and social media marketing for financial advisors.

I’ll work with you in a similar way that you work with your clients. I’ll manage and maintain your website and social media accounts but you’ll approve all posts and emails sent. You’ll have your finger on the pulse but all the time-consuming details and nuance’s will be handled by me.

— Delwin Holeman


A monthly email to your clients and prospect list can feature news or interesting articles. I suggest one email per month.

  • Your clients occasionally forward your emails to friends and family resulting in "warm referrals".
  • You provide insightful articles on a consistent basis.
  • You stay in touch and "top of mind" with your clients.


Facebook is the first place to start with social media. I suggest one post per month.

  • When people search for your business your Facebook page has fresh content and doesn't look abandoned.
  • Your clients occasionally "Like" your posts which spreads them among their Facebook friends.
  • Your website benefits from better search engine ranking over time.


LinkedIn will share your updates with people in your network. I suggest one post per month.

  • Your connections are notified each time you publish a post on LinkedIn.
  • Publishing on LinkedIn provides value to old and new connections who view your profile.
  • With backlinks in your articles, your website will benefit from better search engine ranking.

I've been asked, "Why should I bother spending money, or time, on social media and email marketing?"

My answer is simple, "To create email and social media referrals."

An email referral happens when someone forwards one of your newsletters to a friend or family member because they think the content might help them.

A social referral happens when someone likes one of your Facebook posts and then your post shows up on their wall, which all their friends can view.

Email and social media should be a consistent and automated part of your marketing plan.

Email and social media referrals are not as strong as personal referrals, but they are still effective. When your clients pass along your emails or social media posts they are in effect referring your leadership and ideas to their friends and family. And chances are that the friends and family of your clients are exactly the type of new clients you're looking for.

It only takes a single forwarded email or Facebook like to create the potential for a lead. However, you need a long-term consistent approach to see the payoff... just like investing.